Admission Candidates Selection


Selection of Candidates The applicant must have passed both SSC and HSC examinations from Science group with biology and have cumulative GPA(SSC and HSC) 6.0 but not less than GPA 2.5 in either SSC or HSC examination. The Candidates are to apply within three years after passing HSC examination. The applications must be submitted within the time stipulated in the advertisement in the National Daily Newspapers. Sorted candidates will be required to appear for a written test on their current knowledge, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths and subsequently will be required to appear for an oral interview. Student will be selected on merit basis. Merit score will be determined from Cumulative GPA of SSC & HSC results and from the Admission Test result.

Membership or involvement in any political organizations or unions of the students will not be permitted by the authority and a signed agreement of the students/guardians for their authenticity will be required at the time of admission.


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